Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Tech Trills System, dedicated servers provide you alternatives from entry-level single core processor servers to the quad processor, GPU power driven work horses and hex core and all are installed through our portal or APL. In other words the dedicated servers can be utilized as e-business solution, DNS, reseller virtual hosting, web server, corporate intranet, live – streaming broadcast machine that needs a greater speed, security and reliability. We host our servers in USA/India data centers and it provides an incomparable high quality performance, availability and security to all our customers. The communication between them is so clear as if they are sailing in a same ship with no network charges and there is no need to buy any connectivity products. With a wonderful hosting experience keep our servers performing at their best.

Benefits of Linux hosting are :

  • Windows Server Hosting
  • Linux Server Hosting

Petite and middle businesses should focus their capital on organizing their business and not running their Web servers. For competitive nature in such business, they should defeat the elevated costs of obtaining and maintaining internet infrastructure. The analysts have estimated that inside the company keeping websites costs more than a half million dollars per year. For meeting such requirements make sure Host provides a complete line of dedicated servers that contract out this severe division of any business.

Key Features of our Managed Dedicated Servers :

Absolute scalability to your growth
Full admittance to your server for whole server control
Cost free improvement of patches, hot fixes and service packs
Capability to jog tradition applications
Log file rotation and bandwidth consumption reports and Log file rotation
Absolute scalability to your expansion
Elevated level of fire wall security for superior uptime
Personal account delegate and straight answer support line
Website performance supervising tools
Guarantee Host Control panel designed for web-based administration software
Server to server connectivity

Support :

24/7 online and phone support
24/7 data centre staffing
Highly advances resolution system
Knowledge layer
Soft layer development network
Customer forum

Inclusive server management tools for producing/altering/deleting domains and users, park domains, inaugurate/alter/erase any Ensure Host shared hosting characteristic, streaming audio/Video setup and many more things. The absolute 24 hours server supervising includes reboots and ordinary hardware/software maintenance.

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